Frequently Asked Questions

How can I contact you if I have any questions or suggestions?

You can contact us using the following form: Contact form

How does the process of purchasing a bot work?

First, request an Address by clicking on the BITCOIN button. Then, send the required amount to that address or scan the QR code using your prefered bitcoin wallet, once the transaction has been confirmed you will receive the program download and unlock key to the email you have registered your account with. They can also be found in your Dashboard

How do I unlock a bot?

First access your dashboard where you will find the program name along with the unlock key and the download button. When ran, you will be asked to introduce the program unlock key

What operating systems do your programs support?

Currently, only Windows is supported. As a workaround, you may run it in a Virtual Machine from Mac using emulators such as Parallels Desktop.

Will my account get banned for using your tools?

As long as you stick to high delays between each action it is unlikely, but you should never run any external tools on an account that you're not willing to lose.

Why would I trust this website?

If you have doubts about the programs working, we offer trials (contact us through our form). Our tools can be ran on Virtual Machines, which prevent any potentially dangerous programs from interacting with your computer VM Info Installing a Windows VM and we also encourage you to use spare fresh accounts.

Can I switch devices?

You may reset your program unlock key once per month using the dashboard, but the previous one will be automatically disabled.