Frequently Asked Questions

How can I contact you if I have any questions/suggestions?

You can contact us using the form, and we'll reply in less than 48 hours. Contact form

How does the process of purchasing a bot work?

First, request an Address by clicking on the BITCOIN button. Then, send the required amount in bitcoins to that address by scanning the QR code. Once the transaction has reached two confirmations (how to check), a download link along with a key is sent to the email you have registered your account with. These can also be found in your Dashboard

How do I unlock a bot?

Simply download it, run it and enter the unlock key in your Dashboard. Most bots use KEKDesktop, which includes almost every tool we have made, but some use a standalone program instead. Standalones can be downloaded by clicking on the download icon next to the bot in your dashboard

What operating systems do your programs support?

Currently, only Windows is supported. As a workaround, you may run it in a Virtual Machine from Mac or any other emulators such as Parallels Desktop.

Will my account get banned for using your tools?

As long as you stick to the default settings, it never has, but feel free to try out bots on a spare account first.

Can I switch devices?

You may reset your program unlock key once per month using the dashboard, but the previous one will be automatically disabled.